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Jim Hale:  

Jim Hale holds a BA in Anthropology, he has conducted graduate level work in Psychology, and has professional experience in the Mental Health sector. Jim also brings over 40 years of experience as a radio and electronics hobbyist to the field of paranormal research. He's an amateur telescope maker and back-yard astronomer with an active interest in Radio Astronomy. He also has a longstanding background in amateur photography.

Jim was a key member of the Center for Paranormal Research and Investigation in Virginia from 2001-2005. His introductory articles on EVP, Phone Calls From the Dead, and Project Hawkeye were widely-read postings on the CPRI website for many years, but Jim is probably best known for his wizardry in designing several unique electronic gadgets that have opened new possibilities for investigating and analyzing paranormal activity. In 2005, CPRI presented Jim with a special award for his “Outstanding Innovations”.

One of Jim’s electronic innovations includes the Paranormal Energy Detection System. PEDS enables investigators to actually “hear” the full range of EMF radiation present at a research site and it provides qualitative, not just quantitative, information about the ambient electromagnetic field that can’t be obtained with EMF meters. PEDS can be used with earphones to monitor the ambient EMF radiation in real time, and it can be interfaced with a computer to create a very powerful and revolutionary analytical tool for paranormal research.  

Other devices Jim has created include the Infrasound-O-Scope for monitoring infrasound frequencies, and also an Ultrasound listening device. His so-called Brain-Fritzer is a device used for studying the effects of low frequency electromagnetic fields on the brain, similar to the effects studied in Dr. Michael Persinger’s much publicized research. Jim is especially proud of his breakthrough work with Ultraviolet photography by which he has obtained some of the most compelling evidence to date for the existence of an energy form not currently recognized by science. His most recent electronic project has been development of the “Modern Day Spiricom”, a radio frequency transmitter-receiver device based on the design theories of George Meek's original Spiricom, but updated and revamped for the computer age.

These days Jim is continuing his research and
outside-the-box-thinking as an independent investigator of the paranormal, and he is an outspoken advocate for a radical overhaul of the tools, methods, and techniques used in this field.

Incidentally, Jim is also an authorized distributor for the full line of electronic hobby kits available from Ramsey Electronics, including their AM/FM Hobby Broadcasting equipment and many other items of interest to paranormal investigators.


Jim Hale can be contacted by e-mail here.




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