Go Beyond Now !
A Call for Revolution in Paranormal Research

The truth is in here.
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What if everything you think you
know about paranormal research
is wrong?


And what if the key to setting
it all right is in your hands?

VLA & Radio Galaxy 3C31
Image courtesy of NRAO/AUI

Science vs.

Energy Form X
The Wave Wizard
A New Approach to EMF Detection

Radar Detection of UFOs:
A Beginner's Guide

A Modern Day Spiricom
The Truth About . . .
And  more here . . .

After 50+ years of  studying the paranormal I'm convinced of three things:

  1. There is "something" out there - something unrecognized by science but capable of interacting with our world and our minds.
  2. Whatever that "something" is, it is well within the reach of scientific study, analysis, and understanding.
  3. Most paranormal investigators seem to be unaware of an important process known as the scientific method.

The revolution begins when you decide to disentangle yourself from all the current misconceptions and

Go Beyond Now!

You can get started by reading my comments about science vs. pseudoscience here.

The beauty of the scientific method is that it allows the consensus to be overthrown when necessary.

-- Corey S. Powell, Editor In Chief of Discover magazine, November 2009

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